1. Charisma

Charisma was inspired and created at Stardust Academy in Amman, Jordan with Drew's senior Hip Hop students: Haya Khader, Tanya Hammoudeh, Nour Khasawneh, and Zaid Khasawneh.


She said "You've Got Charisma. I Like it. Everybody luv's ya." Good times in good company. I like it when you're with me!
When you're with me!

She said "You`ve go charisma. Compelling devotion in ya, Inspiring everyone around you. I want it to be just me and you.`

She(He) messages me from the park to see if I`m free(with the girls) and we and to meet. So I message back and emoji that shows I`m down with that(girls) just hanging at my flat. Let`s make some noise. Let`s raise our voice. Let`s sing and dance. Let`s take a chance. Let`s make a choice. Let`s raise our voice.

Good times in good company. I like it when you`re with me. When your with me!

Let`s make some noise! Waoh! Waoh!
Let`s raise our voice Yeah! Yeah!